Who is SCP

SCP is a leading South African supplier of a wide range of customised industrial fruit-juice products to major brand owners in South Africa, and to another 13 countries in Africa and the Middle East. We source consistently top quality fruit juice concentrate through a worldwide network of fruit processors.  Recipes are developed to the specific requirements of individual customers. 

As SCP sources from suppliers of long standing in a variety of markets, clients are assured of an uninterrupted supply of product. 
SCP offers a range of standardised fruit-juice compounds, fruit juice concentrates, concentrated fruit-juice blends and beverage emulsions with variations within each of these categories. All are delivered to the exact specifications of each client who then reconstitutes and blends the product to achieve the final ready-to-drink juice beverage. We also offer clients preserved, aseptic and frozen product options.

Our close contact with international markets and changing consumer trends allow us to pre-emptively develop new and innovative fruit and vegetable juices based on international research and aimed at stimulating local demand. We also work collaboratively with clients, providing them with extensive technical support on their own premises, whenever necessary.