Innovation is at the heart of SCP, its values and approach to every new business challenge. Unlocking value for clients drives and motivates the development team.

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Our brand of innovation is what gives us the edge. We don't innovate for innovation’s sake but to give our clients a competitive advantage through access to new, trend-setting products, underpinned by an infrastructure that taps into the most recent international research. We continuously renew and adapt our infrastructure, including our logistics system, to service clients across Africa and the Middle East and supply them with product in the ideal format and in the most expeditious way. 

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Our new product development team consists of highly experienced food technologists who between them share more than 40 years of involvement in the juice and related industries. They have at their disposal two dedicated product development centres and a pilot plant at the heart of our production facilities.

Each of the two centres have a specialised focus – one is dedicated to research & Development on juices, nectars, and other juice-related products; the other is used exclusively for research & Development on emulsions for low to zero juice-content beverage applications like carbonated soft drinks, squashes, flavoured syrups and malt drinks for both alcoholic and non-alcoholic applications.

Both centres are equipped with advanced mixing technology and analytical equipment which allows for the evaluation of the full spectrum of physio-chemical product properties. A stability chamber is available to conduct accelerated shelf life testing.

Throughout the development process product proposals are presented and evaluated both by our own staff and the client. This continues till client expectations are met or exceeded. Once sample approval is received projects will advance to the pilot plant where production is simulated to ensure all processes are thoroughly tested before any new product goes into full production. 

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Over the years we have brought together specialists in the various disciplines of the fruit-juice industry, all experts in their field, and melded them into a team with complementary skills, and where every player shares the same values and objectives. Some have built up a network of suppliers of top-quality raw materials worldwide; others study trends and changes in international consumer behaviour and determine how clients can benefit from those changes. Then there are those who develop experimental new products in the laboratory for possible acceptance by clients; while our logistics experts ensure the best way and format in which to get the finished products to the client on time. Their pooled knowledge and experience have enabled us to become a foremost supplier in Africa of customised beverage solutions.

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Technical support for clients takes on many forms. New products are developed in close consultation with clients to meet colour, composition and taste profile specifications. When new products are delivered in concentrated form for reconstitution by the client for the first time, we provide technical support at all levels to assist their staff in achieving the required end-product.

Because we understand all the costs related to specific formulations and packaging formats, and how they influence logistics downstream and production upstream, we are well placed to recommend the best comprehensive solution to fit each client’s needs. In our view every brief is unique and therefore demands an individual, tailor-made solution.

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