Supply Chain

To achieve overall service delivery, we use a holistic, highly focused approach in structuring an extensive supply chain that includes a worldwide network of suppliers that ensures top-quality fruit-juice concentrates are available to clients when needed.


From the outset, our primary market has been South Africa. Over the last few years we have extended our operations to beyond the country’s borders and today we have a presence not only in a number of countries on the continent and on islands in the Indian Ocean, but also in the Middle East. 

The business has a presence in the following countries:
South America
South East Asia | +27 21 958 2180


Over the years SCP has built up a worldwide network of reputable suppliers and business associates in particularly South America, Europa and China which assures us of uninterrupted access to a range of top-quality fruit juice concentrates. This is shipped in bulk to South Africa on schedule for storage in our ample facilities until such time as it is required for blending into the extensive range of products supplied to our clients in South Africa and outside its borders.

We provide warehousing and stockholding on site and manage stock levels according to client sales forecasts and volume history. Our objective is to achieve a 100% order fill rate at all times while our dedicated logistic team uses its extensive shipping and transport expertise to ensure stocks are delivered on time, every time.


Please contact  +27 21 958 2180 or email